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All Together Now! »

Car lookas lovely, just need to send her off to get it running properly and do a few odd jobs… enjoy

Lots and lots of Shiny stuff!! »

I had the Plenham and throttle bodies done at GS polishing they cost around £450 to do and took around a month to complete. I sent them up there and he posted them back. The chap was no trouble at all and he turned out to be reliable.
As we got the engine apart there were [...]

New Recaros Arrived!!! »

What can I say, they are a lovely set of new seats to go in the car, I went for black and black as I think that I want a quality interior that does not look tacky. Its very easy to go to far on interiors but quality speaks for itself. They took about three [...]

New Brakes on order »

Today I ordered a set of brakes and some super suspension for our build. I wanted a big brake kit for our build from importpartspro it is made by Stop Tech. Now these little babies should mean that we dont need to pack a parachute in the back, in a hurry.
Why these Brakes?

Simple read some [...]

Engine is now out! »

The engine is now out and work has started!