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300zx engine rebuilds and reconditioned engines »

If you are looking for an engine rebuild or reconditioned engine look no further than jimmer at powerzed he has a great site, service and is a real master on these cars. He can take them apart and put them back together again with his eyes closed. Everything from changing the head gaskets to a full [...]

Rays 7 Spoke Titanium Gram Light Wheels AWSOME!!!! »

These are the best looking wheels that you can put on a 300zx in my opinion, they were special order from Japan and took nearly 4 months to arrive. If you want to see them on the car have a look at the FINNISHED CAR!!! page on the top navigation.  I think that if you [...]

Engine and Gearbox in the car! »

At long last this 300zx gets its engine and gearbox fitted and its looking really good. After spending an afternoon checking that all the connections were done up four of us got a full day on the car to fit as much as we could. It was very interesting as we put the engine and [...]

Relocating power steering resovoir »

This is a nice fun job to do on the 300zx after you have deleted all the stuff that goes next to the brake servo. When you have done this there is enough room to put the resovoir on the bulkhead next to the wing. There is a bracket bolted on there with two 10mm [...]

The interior re trim »

Now the thing is, when we got this car the original seats had already been removed and replaced with some Rage bucket seats.  Apart from that the original 90s tweed looked dated and in places the vinyl had started to lift and it looked tatty.  We have a great set of new front Recaros to [...]

Fitting the new EFI harness »

This is a dog of a job… I read a few places that a few people have done this with the engine in. Personally i would say this is impossible. They are either telling porkies or know something we dont, its a very difficult job to do and you will need to be very patient not [...]

My top ten 300 zx deletes and weight saving tips »

Ok well I have really struggled getting my head around all the bits on this car that you can actually throw away with a bit of effort. When we took the engine out we took lots of pictures and almost all the pipework has changed putting it back together. I will touch on a few [...]

Fabricating double din centre console »

For the Audio we wanted to install a double din stereo and sat nav system. I wanted it to be a flush mount and to look like it has always been there. If you want to do this I have listed the instructions for doing it here.
1. Remove the metal retaining bracket from the centre [...]

Relocating the fuse box to inner wheel arch »

This job has taken James a few days to do but it will be well worth it.  Its a very slow job to do and critical to label and document the whole process. The fuse box wires were all cut then extended through a hole into the bulkhead then extended and re connected. Then some [...]

Engine build progress so far »

Since the engine block was delivered we have spent a fair bit of time working on it. I don’t think that you can appreciate how much work goes into building one of these up even if you have had a block built by someone else. It is taking all the parts off the old engine [...]