Relocating power steering resovoir

This is a nice fun job to do on the 300zx after you have deleted all the stuff that goes next to the brake servo. When you have done this there is enough room to put the resovoir on the bulkhead next to the wing. There is a bracket bolted on there with two 10mm bolts. Remove that and you can mount that lower down. Your resovoir will now fit and bolt directly into those holes, but you will need to bend all the pipes coming out of it so they miss the brake servo. To do this use a blow torch and heat each of them up until they are red hot.  When they are glowing stick a screwdriver in the pipe hole and bend them into shape. The big fat one that comes out the bottom is the most difficult one to do. Take your time and keep fitting it to see how much further you need to go. Once completed you will need to get some new longer hoses made up but if you are going for a clean sleak look this is an essential mod to do.



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