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Engine build progress so far »

Since the engine block was delivered we have spent a fair bit of time working on it. I don’t think that you can appreciate how much work goes into building one of these up even if you have had a block built by someone else. It is taking all the parts off the old engine [...]

Tein Monoflex and Stoptech big brake fitted on the front »

Today we started on the suspension and braking system replacement on the car. The old Brembos came off without to much trouble and it was pretty simple to remove the existing front shocks at the same time. After removal of the shocks I adjusted the new Tein ones to about the same height as a [...]

Car undersealing »

The next step of the job was to underseal the whole car, we are fortunate that it is a very solid car underneath being a Jap import. We really wanted to keep it that way as well. We prepaired all the areas to be treated, primarily this is inside of the doors, the sills, rear [...]