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All my parts have arrived look at this little lot »

I ordered most of this stuff back in September but it was all well worth the wait. I can now start putting my engine together now!.

Removed interior for waxoyling »

We took the interior out the car today toget it ready to waxoyl in the doors, the rear quarter panels and floor. When we have done this we are also undersealing the whole car as well. This should give it a real good protection from the elements for many years to come. While all the trim [...]

Respray finnished and car delivered home »

The car was delivered home today after having the respray done, im very pleased with the colour and finnish. The whole task ahead looks somewhat daunting at the moment though.

Car Now resprayed »

The pictures dont really do the car any justice at the moment as they were taken in poor light with a phone. But it gives an indication of just how good the car looks and what a nice paint job it has.

The bumpers now resprayed »

I went into banburys today to drop in a bolt for the seatbelt that had broken when it had been removed. To my astonishment the car was in the oven and about to be painted today!. All the door shuts and bumpers have already been done so by Wednesday it should be completed after it [...]

Respray progress »

Banburys have been doing fantastic work on the painting side of things. The car has had a lot of it taken back to bare metal. All the windows have been taken out and the Bumpers, Doors, Bonnett, and Tailgate have also been taken off.  I would give them 11 out of 10 for what they [...]