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Lots and lots of Shiny stuff!! »

I had the Plenham and throttle bodies done at GS polishing they cost around £450 to do and took around a month to complete. I sent them up there and he posted them back. The chap was no trouble at all and he turned out to be reliable.
As we got the engine apart there were [...]

Removed all the Dash to have LEDs Fitted »

We took all the instuments out as well as the dash board, window switches, key switch and pods. They are being sent to a member on the website. They will have blue LEDs fitted as well as new white dials, a carbon backing and chrome bezel rings. I have had the bits out the car for [...]

New Recaros Arrived!!! »

What can I say, they are a lovely set of new seats to go in the car, I went for black and black as I think that I want a quality interior that does not look tacky. Its very easy to go to far on interiors but quality speaks for itself. They took about three [...]

Painting headlight inserts silver »

Now getting the damn thigs out is troubling enough but if you are in the position of being able to get them out then a nice little mod to do is paint the plastic light inserts silver.  To do this you need to remove all the clips and then to get the actual glass out [...]

Removal of everything for the respray »

We spent two solid days removing absolutely everything we could before the car went to the paintshop (banburys) for its super new paint job.  We removed everthing possible electrical wise under the bonett, all the air conditioning pipes, oil pipes, brackets, and we ground off all the mounting points for the fuse box and power [...]

Taking the engine apart for chroming and polishing. »

After we removed the engine it was time to start taking it all apart so we could polish and chrome as many parts as possible. I wanted to have the plenham polished as well as the rocker box covers. In addition I wanted every possible engine bracket, nut, bolt, washer, as well as all the [...]