New Brakes on order

Today I ordered a set of brakes and some super suspension for our build. I wanted a big brake kit for our build from importpartspro it is made by Stop Tech. Now these little babies should mean that we dont need to pack a parachute in the back, in a hurry.

Why these Brakes?


Simple read some of this technical stuff on their website . Then read about who uses them and what they win with them here

Now if you cant be bothered to read all that then quite simply, well built, balanced so your ABS will not be screwed up and well reccommended by lots of people and Pros. They are a specialist brake company in the USA who really knows their stuff and has developed specific systems in harmony with the car!.

Going for Blue ones as everyone has Red and yellow was a close second.  For more details and pictures have a look at the Mechanicals link at the top of the site.

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