Engine is now out!

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Work has now started on the engine. We’ve taken it out ready for more POWER!

Some parts have also gone off to be chromed to improve the look under the bonnet. Also some professional airbrush artwork will be added under the bonnet to liven it up.

I have to say it was one hell of a job to get the engine out, the absolute worst bolt to get at on the back of the Tub jammed half the way out and it took 6 hours to hacksaw it off with a junior hacksaw attached by string to a long file. When we finally got the engine out we still could not get the remains of the bolt out using mole grips and filing the end and sticking an adjustable spanner on it.

Other than that it was just a case of knowing in what order to remove what pieces and deciding if you want to split the engine and gearbox for removal or try and get them out together. Anyone removing an engine should definately read this http://www.ttzd.com/tech/enginetech.html . We started out following what is written in the service manual and it left far to much to be desired.

Every single nut and bolt was a complete ass to get out and and my hands ended up being cut to pieces. Clearly it would be a lot easier to do second time around but even so I hope that I dont have to do it again. What is more worrying than taking it out will be putting it back together and getting it running. We took lots of pictures but there are an awful lot of pipes and sensors to re connect. Quite a few sensors were not connected or had brittle or broken wires as well so I will have my fingers crossed when we eventually get the parts to do it.

Here is the bolt that was almost impossible to get to

tn_car 3 

And this is the strange tool I made to saw it off through the tiny gap, really pleased it did the job but was still very tight space wise so kept cutting up my hands.

tn_car 2

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    Davie | Oct 21, 2009 | Reply

  1. car looks good buddy, dont know how you lifted the engine out but i see you had some probs, best way to get the engine out is to drop the gearbox out the bottom leaving the subframe in place and lift the engine out of the top and same in reverse when puting back together, easiest way for me anyway, pig of a job whatever way you look at it.what power are you hoping to achieve?

    good luck with the project, il look in from time to time to see how its doing.

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