Stage six engine build

 We are after as much power as possible from the ZX as well as ultimate bone breaking acceleration so that you scream in the driving seat when your foot is planted on the throttle. As soon as your insides have caught up with your body from the acceleration we want to give it NOS to make your body tingle like an Adrenalin orgasm.

 Think Star Ship cross Nissan and you get a good indication of where we want to be mechanically

 There were a number of options to do this and very few people who really do have the ability to build a bullet proof engine that is capable of withstanding forces up to 1200 BHP. The first option was buy the bits and build it yourself… well not really an option for us as we don’t have the tools or experience required to do this. The second option was to  find someone in the UK who could buy the bits and do it for you to spec. This might have been possible but it comes with a lot of risks. The last option was to spend a whole pile of cash and get a Famed Engine Specialist to build the block and heads and send it to you with a crate full of super high performance parts.

 Hmmmm… you guessed it get someone to do the build who knows their stuff and has a great reputation. After considering all the people to do this globally we opted to use Kyle Puckett from Import Parts Pro in the US. He has a ten year proven track record as a custom Nissan Engine God and has a reputation to match.

 This is the spec

CP Pistons with full ceramic/moly coatings
Pauter or Carillo Rods
ARP Rod Studs
ARP Main Studs
Block Inspected and acid dipped
Block redecked
Block water passage bored out for more water to back cylinders
Block Bored and Honed using a Torque Plate
Crank center weight tig welded into place
Crank balanced
New Moly Coated Race Spec Main bearings installed
New Moly Coated Race Spec Rod bearings installed
Block prepped and assembled
ARP Head Studs
Tomei Cams
Tomei HD Valve Springs
Tomei Solid Lifters
Titanium Retainers
Ferrea 1mm Oversized Valves
Heads inspected and cleaned
Heads Pressure Tested
Heads redecked
Ported exhaust and intake runners
5 angle radius cut valve job
Combustion Chamber work
Valve heights set
New OEM Valve stem seals
Heads prepped and assembled
New OEM Cam Seals
New Cometic Metal Head Gaskets
New OEM Oil Pump
New OEM Oil Pump Gasket

 And to go with this beast of an engine we need to upgrade a whole raft of other parts including, Turbos, Fuel Rail, Injectors, Exhaust, as well as the ECU and a whole range of other bits like NOS. You then need to consider how all that power will transfer through the clutch and gearbox so we bought a real high spec clutch Kit that will hold the Turbo boost and the Nos. We will also be throwing the old gearbox away and going for an upgraded 96 one.

 Here is the complete shopping list we ordered to go with the engine

Engine Gasket Kit – 90-94 Nissan 300zx
Head Gasket – 300zx -2 55.00 -110.00
300 Degree Fuel Rails – 90-94 300zx – SARD Injectors
SARD 850cc Injectors – Nissan 300zx
SZ Fuel Rail Install Kit for 300 Degree Fuel Rails
Fuel Rail Oring between rail and lower – 90-94 300zx
JWT 700BB Turbos – Nissan 300zx
SZ 3″ 5 Bolt Expansion Turbo Down Pipes – Nissan 300zx TT
SZ 3″ -> 2.5″ Aluminized Test Pipes – Nissan 300zx TT
Mike Smith Manifolds – Nissan 300zx
AEM Plug & Play ECU W/Wideband – Nissan 300zx
3.5 Bar Map sensor
AEM Air Temp Sensor
RPS Carbon Carbon twin plate clutch kit- Nissan 300zx
Stainless Steel Engine Bay Bolt Kit
Chrome Balance Tube
Chrome Caps
Chrome Fuel line
Chrome plenem accessory bracket
Chrome power steering reservior
Chrome hood prop
AMS polished fuse cover(Small)
AMS polished fuse cover(Large)
98+ Spec 5 Speed Transmission
NOS Nitrous Kit for Nissan 300zx w/10Lb polished chrome bottle
Power Enterprise Timing Belt – 300zx
EFI Harness
NGK Iridium #8 Plugs for Nissan 300zx
ALT Belt – Stock – 300zx
Belt – UD A/C – 90-96 300zx or Stock P/S for TT
A/C Belt – Stock – 300zx or ALT/Water pump with HI Pulley
Lightweight Alloy Pulley set
Chrome Radiator cover


After having a good look around we decided to buy Tein Type Flex Coilovers  here is the spec from where we bought them from.

Tein flex coilovers

Full-length adjustment and height adjustment for separate setting of the height and spring preload.
16 levels of damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together).
Teflon coating for rust prevention.
Newly designed spring seat and spring seat lock for easy height adjusting.
Pillow ball upper mounts are included.
Compatible with EDFC.
Available for overhaul.

Also bought the Tein EDFC and Motor Kit


The Tein EDFC is the perfect accessory for the perfect system!! Control all four shocks from the cockpit of your vehicle. You can control the front and rear shocks separate and it makes all of the 16 way adjustable coil-overs 32 way adjustable. for the ultimate in ride quality. The EDFC even has 3 separate settings to program in automatically


Personally I choke at the cost of a decent set of brakes but the word here is DECENT. Now the thing is do you try and cut corners on the braking after you go all the way on the rest of the car?? NO WAY… you go and get a set of big brakes that will actually pull the reins on this monster. After consideration there were a few good companies that I considered but I was drawn to using Stop Tech 332mm/328mm F&R Brake Kit. I was really impressed when I asked about regarding performance as well as looked at their website for technical information and reviews.  Check it out Have a look at all the proffesionals that use their stuff and also read their customer reviews. 


Now the big problem what colour?  The short list was Red, Yellow, and Blue. After more or a debate than actually buying the things I chose Blue.  I think red is far to common and with the blue theme going on under the bonett and being a white car it finally won over.

stoptech colours