New Parts

Engine work and parts


Machine Work(Stage 6 VG30) – Heads inspected and cleaned,

Heads Pressure Tested, Heads redecked, Ported exhaust and

intake runners, 5 angle radius cut valve job, Combustion

Chamber work, Valve heights set, & Heads prepped and



Machine Work(Stage 6 VG30) – Block Inspected and acid

dipped, Block redecked, Block water passage bored out for more

water to back cylinders, Block Bored and Honed using a Torque

Plate, Crank center weight tig welded into place, Crank

balanced, Crank Micro Polished, & Block prepped and



CP NISSAN VG30DETT: 88.0mm/8.5:1

CP Pistons 88mm Ring Set

Ceramic Coating

Pauter VG30 Rods

ARP 300zx VG30 Head and Main Stud Kit

ACL Main Bearings(STD) – VG30

ACL Rod Bearings(STD) – VG30

Tomei VG30 Intake Cams – 270 Dur/10.25 Lift

Tomei VG30 Exhaust Cams – 270 Dur/10.25 Lift

Tomei Valve Springs – VG30

Tomei VG30 Solid Lifters(24)

Tomei 3mm shim

Tomei 2.5mm shim

Titanium Retainers – Nissan 300zx

1mm Over Intake Valve – VG30

1mm Over Exhaust Valve – VG30

UR Underdrive Pulley set(4) – 90-94 Nissan 300zx TT

Viton Valve Seals – Nissan 300zx

Headgasket – 88mm – VG30DE/DETT

Oil Pump – 300zx TT

Front mounted turbo intercooler kit

Racing radiator


Hoses belts and service parts


Nissan Water Temp ECU Sensor

Nissan OEM Engine Oil Filter 

Nissan Water Temp Gauge Sensor

Z Centre Performance Blue Radiator Hoses

NGK Iridium #8 Plugs for Nissan 300zx

ALT Belt – Stock – 300zx

Belt – UD A/C – 90-96 300zx or Stock P/S for TT

Power Enterprise Timing Belt – 300zx

A/C Belt – Stock – 300zx or ALT/Water pump with HI Pulley

Belt – UD A/C – 90-96 300zx or Stock P/S for TT

Belt – UD Power Steering – 90-94 TT

Belt – UD Alternator – 90-96 300zx

Belt – UD A/C – 90-96 300zx or Stock P/S for TT

Belt – UD Power Steering – 90-94 TT

Engine Gasket Kit – 90-94 Nissan 300zx

Silicone Heater Core Hoses – 90-96 Nissan 300zx

Shultz underseal and waxoyl


Gearbox & Clutch 


98+ Spec 5 Speed Transmission

RPS Carbon Carbon – Nissan 300zx


Fuel System 


NOS Nitrous Kit for Nissan 300zx w/10Lb polished bottle

300 Degree Fuel Rails – 90-94 300zx – SARD Injectors

SARD 850cc Injectors – Nissan 300zx

SZ Fuel Rail Install Kit for 300 Degree Fuel Rails

Fuel Rail Oring between rail and lower – 90-94 300zx

Walbro Fuel Pump – 255 lph

Walbro Install Kit


Turbo and Exhaust system


JWT 700BB Turbos – Nissan 300zx

SZ 3″ 5 Bolt Expansion Turbo Down Pipes – Nissan 300zx TT

SZ 3″ -> 2.5″ Aluminized Test Pipes – Nissan 300zx TT

Mike Smith Manifolds – Nissan 300zx


Engine Management 


AEM Plug & Play ECU W/Wideband – Nissan 300zx

3.5 Bar Map sensor

AEM Air Temp Sensor

EFI Harness

O2 Sensors


Engine bay bling and chromed parts


Polished plenham

Polished throttle bodies

Polished rocker box covers

Chromed Battery retainer

Chromed door latches and stays

Chromed bonnett latch

Chromed coil brackets

Chromed cam pulleys

All engine bolts and hard pipes chromed

Engine Bay Rear Cover

Timing Belt Top Cover

Stainless Steel Engine Bay Bolt Kit

Chrome Balance Tube

Chrome Caps

Chrome Fuel line

Chrome plenem accessory bracket

Chrome power steering reservior ** NA Only **

Chrome hood prop

Chrome intake hardpipe kit

AMS polished fuse cover(Small)

AMS polished fuse cover(Large)

CZP Koyo Radiator Bracket – Solid


Breaking and suspension 


Tein Flex Kit – Nissan 300zx

Tein EDFC Controller

Tein 12mm – 12mm EDFC Motor Kit

Stop Tech 355mm/328mm F&R Brake Kit – Nissan 300zx

Z Centre Hicas Eliminator Kit


Bodywork and Styling


Complete professional respray removing doors, bonnet, boot, windows, and including new wheel 

arches. Engine removed to respray the engine bay. 

98 Spec rear lights and centre panel

Clear rear bumper indicators

Aluminium mesh for bumpers and vents




Recaro sports trendline reclining bucket seats

Recaro universal runners and brackets

LED conversion on dashboard clocks and instruments

Carbon dashboard kit

Chrome dial surrounds

White dials

Spitfire Water temperature gauge

Interior Carbon trim kit

MOMO leather steering wheel

MOMO Steering wheel NOS buttons