Finished Car!!

After 18 months of working on this project it is finally finished!!! well apart from a few more ongoing mods but is any project ever finnished?.  It is now at least on the road and drivable although needs a few mapping changes and the fuel system needs to be uprated. It has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times I have really enjoyed doing it and other times I have hated every nut and bolt on the damn thing. Virtually every part of this car is brand new and it ended up costing a fortune, notice I dont use the words “small fortune” as it was a “fortune”. All in all I am very pleased with it all, if i was going to do it again I would have to say that you need to have clear objectives and stick to them. When you start buying all these performance parts its never ending as one new part means you need an other.

Today i gave it a clean for a Magazine shoot in the next few weeks and it was a real pleasure to see how it has all come together, the paint work went for a polish at Banburys the company that did the re spray. I have to say it looks like a pearl piece of glass, so good in fact the pictures dont do it justice. The paint job on this car was done like it was the last re spray on earth!!!

Some bits I needed help with but overall I managed most things on my own, working on these things can be a right bulls ache as they are over engineered and their is not a loot of room. This car definately has my blood, sweat, and tears in or over it.. I can vouch for that.

The finnishing touch was these wonderful Rays Gram Light 7 spoke Titanium Wheels. I have to say without question they are the nicest wheels I have ever seen on Zed. Everyone remarks on them when you take the car out and they are really the iceing on the cake. You cant really get a flavour of just how good they look from the pictures but the rainbow lips and the high gloss chrome finnish are amazing.