Rays 7 Spoke Titanium Gram Light Wheels AWSOME!!!!

These are the best looking wheels that you can put on a 300zx in my opinion, they were special order from Japan and took nearly 4 months to arrive. If you want to see them on the car have a look at the FINNISHED CAR!!! page on the top navigation.  I think that if you are looking for some real nice wheels and cost is not an option you will struggle to find anything that even comes close to these. I looked for months and months to find the perfect set of wheel and I nearly went for a set of Works wheels but am I am so pleased I bought these. The finnish is amazing and people stop you in the street in amazement when they see them. They certainly look super hot on the car… check the piccies out of them on the car on the page mentioned above.

I took a lot of pictures of these wheels as there are sooooooo few i could find on the net.









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