The interior re trim

Now the thing is, when we got this car the original seats had already been removed and replaced with some Rage bucket seats.  Apart from that the original 90s tweed looked dated and in places the vinyl had started to lift and it looked tatty.  We have a great set of new front Recaros to go in, question then is what to do with the rest of it.  We really wanted a classy interior with a modern look and feel. Many of the modified car pictures that I look at have a selection of really loud or two tone colours that I hate!!!. Quite often with these things less is more if you can do it in a quality way. We have chosen to go for Black suede/Black Leather the whole way around the car. This will be lifted with some white stitching. The stitching should help the car to look like the interior has always meant to be together with the theme covering all the car seats.

To do this work we have used a local company the service has been friendly as well as fast and reliable.  I will post some pictures of the interior as soon as I have some.

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