My top ten 300 zx deletes and weight saving tips

Ok well I have really struggled getting my head around all the bits on this car that you can actually throw away with a bit of effort. When we took the engine out we took lots of pictures and almost all the pipework has changed putting it back together. I will touch on a few of the deletes that we have done and post some links for the instructions.

1. Water bypass, if you have the engine out and Plenham off this is a great job to throw a whole load of pretty useless pipes away and simplify your engine. The major benefit here is you can remove all the crap making it simpler to remove your plenham in the future. I was a bit unsure as how to do it all at first but some great instructions on how to do it here.

2. Carbon canister delete… mine was already done

3. Cruise control delete…moine was already done

4. Hicas delete, now we had a lot of fun ripping all the pipes out the car doing this. I have to say a fuse had been pulled on my car to stop the Hicas but if you are after a real sleek look then you can rip a whole load of heavy stuff out here.

5. Brake and clutch booster pipework… a whole load of pipework sits just next to the brake master cylinder on a maual. You can rip the lot out and replace it with two pipes. Simply run the pipes and make sure that you put the one way valves in the lines. The rest of this stuff can go in the bin. Great if you need somewhere to relocate your power steering pump bottle to.?.



6. AIV delete, a good guide to removing it all here

7. PRVR delete, here is a great guide for that

8. Clutch bleeder behind light, absolutely no need for this unsightly second bleed point behind the light. Quite simply you can remove it and all the connecting pipe work and aluminium shields all the way to the brake master cylinder. Simply replace it with a special braided hose from the zed centre for £20.  To bleed your slave cylinder its now easy just remove it hold it in the air at the top of the flexible pipe and bleed it.

9. My personal favourate! Air conditioning delete. The amount of pipes, crap and weight not to mention the air con rad just makes it a natural delete here in the UK. I mean its just not that hot here anyway and if you get that hot you should probably take the roof panels out and enjoy the three days of summer?.  Im so pleased I did this with my car as it really started to make things simpler and helped to give me that show lock under the hood.

10. Spare wheel and tools delete, how many of us have aftermarket wheels? I mean realistically… are you going to put that tiny space saver on with your big brake kit and 19s if you get a puncture?. Hell no you are just carrying it around for the sake of it. Throw it all out and stick a few cans of tyre weld in the boot, it will give you a better chance of getting home with a puncture and weighs next to nothing.

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    Shaun [atlast] | Apr 4, 2010 | Reply

  1. Realy well presented info on your z , car looks realy good well done ,

  2. Hello,

    I’m really impressed with your car and think the outcome is going to great.
    I am at present attemping to do a similar thing to yourself with my 300Z TT and wondered if I could ask questions?
    One of the biggest questions is where did you go to get your new Wiring Loom and how much did it cost?
    To date the only people I can find who do them is a company called Concept Performance cars however they are in America, which means the Loom does not fit properly as it is for a left hand drive Z, which mine is not. Also what is the best Head Gasket set to get as I have been told not to buy a cheap set?

    Mark Day

  3. Hi

    I got my wiring loom from Importpartspro in the US, to my knowledge you can only get left hand drive ones now. They fit fine but you need to curl the extra loom up under the battery tray.

  4. Any Idea’s of a good company that supply good second hand parts for the 300zx. As We have just got the heads of my 300 zx and the values and seats are very warn and not usable?

  5. Join or another owners forum and ask other members for parts. I know on the forum here you can get any item secondhand from other members who are breaking cars or who have spares.

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