Engine build progress so far

Since the engine block was delivered we have spent a fair bit of time working on it. I don’t think that you can appreciate how much work goes into building one of these up even if you have had a block built by someone else. It is taking all the parts off the old engine as well as figure out how to put all the performance parts on the new one.

The first major problem I ran into was the cam shaft, I went to put the pulleys on and as I torqued it up I snapped a $900 cam shaft ooops. After a detailed inspection it seems that my stage six engine build came with cams that are 8mm shorter than the ones that came off the car. This is not noticable to the naked eye but if like me you did not know that you will break a very expensive cam. The replacement cams will take six or seven weeks to arrive. I have bought some very smart variable pulleys to go with them as well as a belt tensioner and all the other pulleys.

Putting the turbos on was quite a challenge as they were being put on the mike smith manifolds. Because JWT put the instructions on the outside of the box then shrink wrap them like me you might not find them until after you have struggled with the installation. As you can see from the pictures they are a very very tight fit and parts of the heat shields had to be hacksawed out. The 300 degree fuel rails were very easy to fit and the after sales service with them is excellent. In my advice it is always worth spending the extra money for these genuine parts.

It takes a lot lot longer to build this up than it took to take it apart but we are really enjoying the time working on it.











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