Respray progress

Banburys have been doing fantastic work on the painting side of things. The car has had a lot of it taken back to bare metal. All the windows have been taken out and the Bumpers, Doors, Bonnett, and Tailgate have also been taken off.  I would give them 11 out of 10 for what they have done so far and I am a very very picky person.

I went down to drop some bits off and I managed to have a look at the progress. All the door shuts have been painted and the colour is lovely. The “Arctic pearl white”  is absolutely great, its a very sharp colour used on the new lexus. You can see how sharp it is colour wise when you look at the original cream white that was on the car.

 Rear arch

rear arch 2 2010-01-12_10.11.20






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    Courtney | Jun 13, 2010 | Reply

  1. hey i was wondering how much that is costing you i have just baught a 300zx it is currantly white n i want to respray it a new colour. obviosly it will be substantualy more but i was just wondering.??

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