Painting headlight inserts silver

Now getting the damn thigs out is troubling enough but if you are in the position of being able to get them out then a nice little mod to do is paint the plastic light inserts silver.  To do this you need to remove all the clips and then to get the actual glass out you will need to get a heat gun and gently warm it. Slowly work your way around the whole lense until it comes off, if you dont use enough heat or too much you will break it. Once you have them apart simply wet flat the insides with some 1200 wet and dry and then paint them. After a dissapointing result with silver spray I then thought I would try a chrome paint, this prooved to be a far brighter colour and I was pleased with the result.

car and dagger pics 069

Here is a picture of one of the completed lights

car and dagger pics 100

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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if this project is still underway, and, if possible you can help me out on a project I have myself.

    I am a 3d artist, and, at the oment, I am modeling a 300zx, and was hoping that you might have some high def pictures of some parts of your car that I could use.

    Many thanks,

    Simon Street.

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