New Recaros Arrived!!!

What can I say, they are a lovely set of new seats to go in the car, I went for black and black as I think that I want a quality interior that does not look tacky. Its very easy to go to far on interiors but quality speaks for itself. They took about three or four weeks to arrive and cost around £1400 with the brackets but im really pleased with them. I plan to get the rest of the car trimmed to match in black and dark grey.

recaros 008

Here are the recaro brackets, they are easy to fit and good quality

recaros 006

recaros 004

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    Alex | Jan 11, 2011 | Reply

  1. Hi!
    Nice seat!I also have a 300zx TT!
    I have the Recaro seat of an Honda Integra DC2. I need the braket set to hang it, but I can’t find it (the Recaro rail of Integra not fit on 300). For the 300 of my friend we make it, but it took too much time, could you let me know were you bought it?

    many thanks

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