Lots and lots of Shiny stuff!!

I had the Plenham and throttle bodies done at GS polishing http://www.gspolishing.co.uk/index.html they cost around £450 to do and took around a month to complete. I sent them up there and he posted them back. The chap was no trouble at all and he turned out to be reliable.

As we got the engine apart there were all kind of additional bits that we wanted to get chromed or polished. I took these to a local place I found on the net and they messed me about something terrible. I would never use them again but needless to say it took over four months to get all the bits back. We plated every bolt, bracket, washer, cog, and pipe that we could. We also did the door locks, bonnett catch, and loads of other bits and pieces. I am glad to have them back safe and sound but it was stressfull getting this stuff done at all by the local lot.  We also got them to polish all the rocker box covers and they came out quite well, it cost £685 to have these additional parts done.


chromed stuff 021

tn_recaros 009

tn_recaros 014


chromed stuff 001



chromed stuff 002

chromed stuff 004

chromed stuff 018

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